Matthew | Bar Mitzvah

This is was a fun event! We wanted something modern and fun! Matthew liked skateboarding and we took that theme and used it in the invitations and other materials. I took the logo from his favourite shoe company, VANS, and used the design as a basis for his own logo. We incorporated into as many items as we could.


  • Main Invitation printed in White Foil
  • Return Address and Guest Addressing on Envelope
  • RSVP card with raised black ink
  • RSVP envelope with Return Addressing
  • Custom drawn map
  • Skateboard Sticker
  • Event Information Booklet
  • Custom Sticker to seal Information Booklet with ribbon
  • Custom party logo design
  • Suite held together with ribbon
  • Prayer Booklet
  • Cake Graphic
  • Signing Board for Guests